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In computing, Puppet is an open-source software configuration management tool. It runs on many Unix-like systems as well as on Microsoft Windows, and includes its own declarative language to describe system configuration.

Puppet is produced by Puppet, founded by Luke Kanies in 2005. It is written in Ruby and released as free software under the GNU General Public License (GPL) until version 2.7.0 and the Apache License 2.0 after that.

We offer a variety of training options to help you or your team get up and running with Puppet, or take your skills to the next level.

Whether you attend one of our training courses classroom or explore a online interactive training option, you’re learning from real Puppet professionals who have been there and want to help you succeed.

Agenda of Our Puppet Training

1. The Basics

Introduction To Configuration Management
About The Author
Why Puppet?
How To Access Your Working Files

2. The Puppet Infrastructure
Puppet Agents
Puppet Masters
MCollective And Systems Orchestration
Cross Platform Puppet

3. The Puppet Run Cycle
Introduction To Puppet Run Cycle
Gathering System Facts
Node Matching And Catalogue Compilation

4. The Puppet Language – A Basic Primer
Puppet Resources – How To Define System Resources
Applying A Simple Puppet Manifest
Puppet Types
The Package File Service Patter
Applying Conditional Logic In Puppe
Fact Conditionals – Choosing A Course Of Action

5. Organizing A Puppet Environment
Defining Nodes
Puppet Modules – Reusable Code
Provisioning A Web Server
Class Parameters – Applying Variables
Hiera Parameters – Defining Variables
Executing Modules Against A Puppet Master With An Agent
Reporting With Puppet

6. MCollective
MCollective And Live Management
MCollective With Puppet
Using MCollective To Interact With Services
Using MCollective To Interact With Puppet

7. Additional Tools
Managing Modules With Librarian-Puppet
Managing Directory Environments And Modules With R10K
External Node Classifiers And Reporting With Puppet Dashboard – Part 1
External Node Classifiers And Reporting With Puppet Dashboard – Part 2

8. Conclusion
Wrap-Up And Further Resources

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